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2021 Catalogs Now Available

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As people transition from office to home, OPNW is still your best one stop shop. Your OPNW home delivery is waiting for your order. Next day delivery is offered to you while you continue to work from home during this public safety crisis. A small delivery charge might apply for orders under $50.00. OPNW offers a wide variety of products; please click below to view more:
Please note: Certain PPE items may be out of stock temporarily, but we are working hard to provide alternatives for you. In fact, we are receiving new PPE items daily including many Lysol and Clorox products that have been in short supply until very recently. Check the Favorites list called COVID 19 AVAILABLE TODAY or click here for things that are in stock. Call us (503-546-4100) if you have questions about what is available today to keep your office and personnel safe and healthy. It is our privilege to assist you.

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